I participated in the first edition of the festival last year in the Cévennes, it was wonderful! 3 days of joy, yoga, music and songs, laughs, discoveries, encounters in the great outdoors, under the stars with top speakers. I can’t wait to go back this summer, I’m sure this new edition will be even better. Roll on July!

Francesca B

“The Spirit Pop Festival, what a magnificent experience of connection to nature and to others. I filled my heart with joy and love and it accompanied me all summer and beyond. These few days in the simplicity of sharing, kindness has resourced me and leaves me deeply happy.

Lauranne S, Paris

A festival that embodies the essence of Bhakti with a bright atmosphere, a very rich program and quality speakers.

Luc M, Grenoble

“The Spirit Pop Festival is a joyful immersion in the heart of oneself. It sparkles, it experiences, it embodies, it elevates, it brings together.
We sing there, we dance there, we pray there. SPF facilitates beautiful encounters, and the most beautiful – the one with yourself –
Lots of sunshine in hearts and on mouths.
Well done”

Georgina A, Vanne

In a family setting, I had a very pleasant stay.
The festival is conducive to meetings, and an invitation to reach out to others.
Yoga during the day, live music in the evening, time flies. I will come back with pleasure for another edition!

Alban E, Grenoble

Spirit Pop Festival is a deep experience of love, transformation and connection, where the sense of community is breathed in every gesture, as in a real ashram, with a colorful and joyful style. As a yoga teacher, I had the opportunity to meet teachers and wonderful souls, to experiment with different techniques that I have long wanted to explore, immersed in a natural paradise. And what about the evening kirtans? An authentic explosion of emotion and fun.

Noemi Ananda, Italy

I had the chance to participate in the 1st Spirit Pop last summer, to work there as Seva – photographer, to sing and play in the evening
during kirtans, to practice every day with different speakers, to enrich myself with authentic, generous and varied teachings,
and above all to be fully immersed in the Cévennes countryside, in the middle of extraordinary and preserved nature.
Lots of music, exciting encounters, delicious organic cuisine, a crystal clear, welcoming and fresh river, on the banks of which
it was so good to meditate at dawn, incredible massages… in short, an enchanted break whose memories I will cherish for a long time.
The Spirit Pop Festival is a beautiful state of mind of sharing and simple joys, kindness, discoveries and friendship. Join us quickly,
we’re doing it again this summer!!!

Julie Ansiau, Paris

The Flow of Life led me to the Spirit Pop Festival in 2022, the name spoke to me, inspired me. It was a very beautiful discovery, intense days of great richness. Quality workshops, I was transported by the energy of the moment, by the music and the people. By the simplicity of the organization, the co-creation of the participants. I would be happy to see us there this year

Denis Lion, Geneve

Infinite gratitude for these few days of festival in the colors of the spirit pop community. Mahadev and Kanta know how to make us taste the depth of the practice, while connecting to the pure Joy of our being. A wind of freedom blows across our hearts. Thank you to all the organizers of this special moment 💛

Anne Cécile T, Bretagne

Having started in yoga for barely 6 months, I came at the suggestion of my sweetheart, telling me that if it didn’t suit me there was a river for me to swim in and that the place looked charming.
I indeed bathed in this superb river but much less than expected, I was able to follow the different practices thanks to a community of caring people.
The shared meals and kirtan evenings were real moments of exchange and meeting.
In the end the end of the weekend and arrived much too quickly

Mat, Paris

Spirit Pop is at the top, faithful to the spirit of sharing and the summer atmosphere. All the most joyful facets of Yoga come together there. Looking forward to the new edition this summer!

Emmanuel T, Paris