Press release of Spirit Pop Festival

The Spirit Pop Festival invites you from June 28 to 30, 2024 at the Domaine des Éveils, in Bruailles (71) in Burgundy, for an exceptional 3rd edition.

The Spirit Pop Festival partners with Akhanda Yoga Institute founded in India in Rishikesh by the eminent Yogrishi Vishvketu, Himalayan teacher of Akhanda Yoga (integral Yoga and traditional Kundalini Yoga). Part of the tantric lineage of the Nath Yogis, Yogrishi Vishvketu is one of the most radiant yogis in India. His mastery of postures, pranayamas, his commitment to the Vedic tradition through the practices of Agni Hotra (fire ceremony) and mantras gives him a well-deserved international aura.

He has trained thousands of Yoga teachers around the world and participates in numerous international festivals. His presence at the Spirit Pop Festival this year is a wonderful opportunity for us to follow his teachings and meet him. He will offer three Akhanda Yoga workshops and a Vedic ceremony, Agni Hotra.

The Spirit Pop Festival will also welcome internationally renowned international Bhatki artists for evening concerts: Manish Vyas (India), perfect blend of traditional Indian music and modernity of his musical arrangements; Hanuman Project (Europe-Indonesia), collective of musicians and healers who share a love of sacred singing and Yoga; Mahadev Ok (France-Switzerland), bhakti artist whose energy and pop sounds of his music radiate joy, Philippo Francini (Italy), talented musician and alchemist of Sound and Amrit Sadhana Singh (Germany), artist of Kundalini Yoga with soft and meditative melodies.

Alongside them, renowned teachers committed to their practice will offer workshops and master classes: Rodolphe Milliat (Pranayamas and Hatha Yoga), Mika de Brito (Yoga), Lucie David (Dharma Yoga); Kirpal Singh and Ishwara Kaur (Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya), Ananda Kanta (Yoga of Forgiveness) and Amar Jap Kaur (Nidra Yoga), Emmanuel Thiery (Integral Yoga) and Audrey Kirmiz (Yin Yoga).

3 days of festivities with around thirty master classes, workshops, concerts.

For comfort, everything is planned: refreshing breaks in the estate’s immense park, Yogi Tea herbal teas, carefully prepared vegetarian meals and several accommodation options: full board in a room, in a bungalow or in a tent/Van.

Possibility of coming for the entire weekend, all inclusive, or just for the day (without accommodation or meals).

Whether you are Hari Om, Hare Krishna, Wahe Guru or Shiva Shambhu, join this team of joyful and authentic yogis

Mahadev & Kanta, founders of the Spirit Pop Festival


Mahadev and Ananda Kanta have both been teaching Yoga for more than 10 years and founded the Spirit Pop Community association in 2016 to promote teaching and creation projects around music and Yoga. The Spirit Pop Community is gradually becoming a spiritual collective bringing together great talents and an efficient team, made up of Chloé Lunes (communication, creation), Astrid Lemaire (accounting), Bruno Flaven (website) and Shankari (photography/video). Together, Mahadev and Kanta produced and recorded several albums: Modern Peace in 2019, Parsaad in 2021, Nam in 2022 and Miracle in 2024.

In 2022, they created the 1st edition of the Spirit Pop Festival and in 2024, they created a second festival: Prières du Monde, the first edition of which took place in April in Vezelay.

Mahadev, a professional musician, develops a devotional Yoga (Bhakti) and gives kirtan concerts in Europe, the US and India in numerous festivals and yoga schools. He teaches mantra chanting, harmonium and guitar. Also a Kundalini Yoga teacher, he has an original approach which combines tantric numerology with his classes. He has released several albums of mantra and spiritual music, including Miracle in January 2024.

Ananda Kanta is an integral yoga teacher and therapist. In 2023, she created the Yoga of Forgiveness, a holistic approach to Forgiveness combining yogic science and therapeutic tools that she offers during workshops in France and India. She brings Sound (gongs, bowls, voices, etc.), Reiki and astrology to her classes, courses and individual support.


• Le Domaine des Eveils, 30 rue de Chardenoux in Bruailles (71), in Burgundy.


• Friday June 28: Arrival from 2 p.m. / Opening ceremony at 4 p.m.

• Sunday June 30: Closing at 6 p.m.



Tel: 06 07 24 12 14


Instagram: @spiritpopcom / Facebook: @SpiritPopFestival