Dr Yogrishi Vishvketu

Dr Yogrishi Vishvketu

Vishva-Ji, as his students call him often, is a world-renowned Yoga teacher trainer who has studied and practiced Yoga for more than 40 years and trained more than 5,000 yoga teachers around the world.
A yogi, philanthropist, author and householder, he has dedicated his life’s work towards empowering individuals and local communities towards self-healing and sustainable, balanced living.

Dr Yogrishi Vishvketu grew up in the historically significant Kanvashram Gurukul in India, spending many years immersed in the Himalayan Yogic tradition. In addition to learning within the ‘guru-shishya’ parampara (from guru to disciple teaching), he holds a PhD in Yoga, receiving gold medals at both university and national level programs. He is recognised for teaching a complete and balanced approach to yoga practice, using simple yet potent, accessible and artistic sequences.

He believes wellbeing is everyone’s birthright, and founded Akhanda Yoga Institute to support the sharing of authentic, yogic wellbeing practices derived from the Vedic and Adi Nath Shiva traditions.

Vishva-ji’s life experience includes living in both eastern and western cultures, and experiencing relationships and parenting in culturally diverse settings. He lives a balanced Yogic lifestyle with householder responsibilities and thereby truly relates to his students — alongside creating practices that are authentic, simple, and sustainable.

As a result of this unique life experience, Yogrishi Vishvketu co-authored the business dharma book, ’Business Casual Yogi‘. Acclaimed by Forbes Magazine as the book particularly for entrepreneurs, bringing dharma techniques to those who continue to live and work in contemporary worlds.

Yogrishi Vishvketu continues to share the teachings of Yoga with immense sincerity all around the world. His holistic approach to the practice of Yoga infuses ancient wisdom into all of his classes, whether they’re offered in India or abroad.